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BSU Values - Equality for All

In response to national and global statements of intolerance and bigotry and acts of violence, the Bridgewater State University community has come together to reaffirm its values of diversity, inclusion and equity for all. Initiated by a group of caring and committed BSU faculty, the community crafted a statement recommitting ourselves to these values. President Clark and the BSU Board of Trustees unanimously adopted as an official statement of the university the following:

Bridgewater State University reaffirms the values of our community as a welcoming, compassionate, and intellectually rigorous learning, working and living environment. We reject all forms of bias, discrimination, xenophobia and violence. We re-commit ourselves to actions that put into practice our individual and institutional values of diversity, inclusion and equity.
  • Eugene J. Durgin Jr., Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • Frederick Clark, Jr., Esq., President
  • Jean MacCormack, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • Davede Alexander, Trustee
  • Margaret A. Caulfield, Esq., ’00, Trustee
  • F. Scott Longo, '89, Trustee
  • Diana Fox, Professor, Anthropology
  • Wing-Kai To, Professor, History
  • Jabbar Al-Obaidi, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Norma Anderson, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Maria Hegbloom, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
  • Ward Heilman, Professor, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Maggie Lowe, Professor, History
  • Carolyn Petrosino, Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Beatrice St. Laurent, Professor, Art
  • Karim Ismaili, Provost
  • Deniz Zeynip Leuenberger, Chief of Staff to President
  • Sabrina Gentlewarrior, Vice President, Student Success and Diversity
  • Paul Jean, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Brenda Molife, Vice President, University Advancement
  • Keri Powers, Vice President, Human Resources and Talent Management

Our BSU Community

Marven Jean-Jacques
Tess Corkery
Marketing Major 2023
John Brown
Future Pilot
Jordan Vermilya
Communications Studies & Theatre Arts, 2023
Juniper Mitchell
Student, Criminal Justice class of 2023
Robert Cove
Secondary Education - English (BA) (2022)
Molly Loughran
Biology student-2022
Olivia Zetoff
Communication Sciences & Disorders, 2025
Catie Anderson
Student Psychology Major 2023
Mya Ferreira
Psychology 2025
Accounting and Finance, 2021
Joshua Devereaux
Accounting and Finance, 2023
Annabelle Pere
General Management, 2022
Bella sestito
Marketing major 2023
Jacob Whiteman
BS Computer Science
Meghan Lotti
Health Sciences 2025
Kristine McKee
Student, Criminal Justice, 2022
Gianna Freeman
Early Childhood Education '25
Shadia Bruno
BA Psychology
Colin Bedard
Student, History BA 2023
Maria DaSilva
Kayla McNamee
Early childhood & psychology 2022
Melissa Batty
English, MA 2023
Kristen Nicholson
BA Biology, 2022
Olivia Grace Fournier