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Historical Influences on the American Charters of Freedom

Educators will explore the 17th and 18th century ideas that were the foundations of American government. This course shines a light on the men that influenced the American documents we treasure as cornerstones of American democracy. These Charters of Freedom are essentially the foundation of our combined American identity and are as essential today as 200 years ago.

Key Outcomes for Participants: (Alignment with Curriculum Frameworks)

> Grade 8 Content Standard Topic 1:  The Philosophical foundations of the United States political system.

> Successful completion of this micro-credential means that educators provided evidence that they prepare students to explore:

> The roots and foundations of democratic government through primary documents such as the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions,

> How and why government institutions developed,

> How government evolves through legislation and court decisions, and 

> How individuals exercise their rights and civic responsibilities to maintain a healthy democracy in the nation and the Commonwealth. 


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