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Winter Intersession

Winter Intersession 2022

Please note: Winter Intersession 2022 courses will not be available for viewing until late October/early November 2021. Winter Intersession courses are released concurrently with Spring 2022 courses. 

Catch up on degree requirements by earning credits through the Winter Intersession. Courses run between the end of the fall semester and the start of the spring semester. Course start times vary from late December to early January. Check course details for specific course start and end dates. 

Register for Winter Intersession courses when spring registration opens. 

Winter Intersession courses 

Use the CCS Course Search engine to search courses. To search for courses, select Winter Intersession under Select Term, All Subjects under Subjects and Any Time under Class Time to view all Winter Intersession courses. 


Winter Intersession Registration

Registration opens in late October/early November 2021 when Spring 2022 registration opens.

Visit the Take A Course page for registration details.


Academic Year 2021-22
$1,329.75 for a three-credit course, plus an additional $25 student fee per semester.
Online Course Fee (courses with schedule type "web") additional $25.00 per credit hour.
Click here for more information on costs


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