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BSU in China

 BSU Winter program in China 2021

Earn credits from Bridgewater State University while in China this winter. BSU is offering online credit courses for students from around the world who are studying in China. 

Term: 28 December 2020 -22 January, 2021

Courses will be instructed by BSU faculty in English, covering a variety of disciplines including English, History, Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Economics and Art History, etc. All the courses are listed as 3-credit courses in Bridgewater State University’s course catalog and strictly follow BSU’s academic policies and standards.

Upon completion of the courses, official transcripts will be issued by the Registrar’s Office of BSU.

Registration and payment of courses is a two-step process. 

Step 1: Click on the button below to register and pay for a course:


Registration and Payment

Step 2: After registering, students will need to create an account using BSU's Non-Degree application on BSU’s website

Click on the button below to create an account via the Non-Degree application. (Please note: Within 24 hours of completing the Non-degree application, an email with BSU ID and login information will be sent to the email provided. Students can then log into their BSU account and view their courses.)



Courses offered (tentative)
Courses run from 28 December, 2020 -22 January,2021

ACFI 305: Business Law I
ANTH 204: Global Human Issues
ARTH 104: Survey of Art from the 14th Century to the Present
COMM 102: Introduction to Public Speaking
GRST 200: Introduction to Global Religious Studies
HIST 131: World History to 1500
HIST 222: United States History and Constitution since 1865
MGMT 140: Human Resources Management
MGMT 303: Organizational Behavior
MGMT 494: Marketing Management and Strategy
PHIL 151: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 301: Ancient Philosophy
PSYC 100: Introductory Psychology
SOCI 102 Introduction to Sociology
MGMT 304: Leadership and Team

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