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Continuing Studies Online: Communication Studies degree

 Complete your bachelor's degree online

Designed for the busy student, our new online format allows you to use the convenience of online courses to complete your bachelor's degree in Communication Studies online. Our online degree mirrors our campus-based program and is delivered by the university's College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Two degree options: 
BA in Communication Studies, Public Relations concentration
BA in Communication Studies, Film, Video and Media concentration

Part-time program: Program requirements allow students who enter with an associate’s degree or equivalent to complete their degree in three years. Students can take two courses each during the fall and spring semester and have the option of completing elective courses during summer session. 

Friendly Transfer Credit Policies: We will accept up to 69 credits from an accredited two-year institution and up to 90 credits from an accredited four-year college or university. Our Admissions staff will assist you in the transfer process. 

High-quality faculty: Courses are instructed by both full-time and part-time faculty with expertise in communications. Through Bridgewater's more than 175-year history, we have delivered high-quality programs. 

Financial Aid: This is an accredited program. Financial aid is available to individuals who qualify. 

Public Relations: The Public Relations concentration provides students with foundational knowledge of public relations theory, research and professional development skills. Students will be exposed to communication theory, strategic writing, media literacy, public relations planning and more.

Film, Video and Media: The Film, Video and Media Studies concentration offers a broad array of courses for students interested in studying film, television and other screen media. Students will learn how to create video, audio and multimedia messages. The program may also be of interest for students who wish to pursue an interest in journalism.

Questions? Call us at 508.531.2788. Telephone appointments available with our Admissions staff. 

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