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Field Schools

Middleboro Field School

In 1996, Dr. Curtiss Hoffman initiated the project at the Middleboro Little League site, known as such because of its proximity to the Middleboro Little League baseball diamonds. Each summer, students have the opportunity to acquire field and laboratory skills necessary for pursuing a career in public archaeology. The many thousands of artifacts excavated include ceremonial objects (polished pebbles, paint stones, and stone rods), as well as chipped stone tools used in food preparation. The site indicates occupation from as early as 8,200 years ago until around 800 years ago.

Trinidad Field School

The interdisciplinary Trinidad field school, which is offered either during spring break or during Summer Session I, allows students to live in a Rastafarian sustainable, agroforestry community where they implement ethnographic research methods of participant observation, field notetaking and various interview techniques. Students live in the community and work with villagers and local scholar-mentors from Trinidad university campuses, while developing a service-oriented research project linked to their own academic interests. Learn more about the Trinidad Field School.