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Field Schools

Summer Archaeological Field School

Each Summer Session II (July-August), the Department of Anthropology, under principal investigator Dr. Michael Zimmerman, hosts a summer archaeological field school, focusing on the needs of local communities in southeastern Massachusetts. Each summer, students have the opportunity to participate in archaeological survey and excavation, acquiring field and laboratory skills in archaeology, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), survey and mapping, soil coring, excavation, and laboratory analysis, as needed, with students having the opportunity to explore artifacts thousands of years old, connecting us to our shared past, as well as that of local sovereign Indigenous nations. There are no prerequisites, and is open to everyone from rising high school juniors through graduate students, as ANTH 303 (undergraduate) or ANTH 504 (graduate). It also satisfies degree requirements for both General Anthropology and Public Archaeology concentrators.

Trinidad Field School

The interdisciplinary Trinidad field school, which is offered either during spring break or during Summer Session I, allows students to live in a Rastafarian sustainable, agroforestry community where they implement ethnographic research methods of participant observation, field notetaking and various interview techniques. Students live in the community and work with villagers and local scholar-mentors from Trinidad university campuses, while developing a service-oriented research project linked to their own academic interests. Learn more about the Trinidad Field School »