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The department of Biological Sciences is located in the state-of-the-art Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center. The department offers 13 teaching laboratories, five prep laboratories, a biology museum-student resource room and eight faculty-student research laboratories that include tissue culture, small mammal, aquatic and natural history facilities.

Greenhouse and Stearns/McNamara Memorial Garden

The department operates a research-level greenhouse adjacent to the Science and Mathematics Center and the Stearns/McNamara Memorial Garden.


Natural History Collection at BSU

Bridgewater State University is among the few academic institutions in Massachusetts to house an exceptional collection of biological materials showcasing the diversity of life on our planet. Our collection, held in rooms 167 and 165A of the Science and Mathematics Center, acts as a valuable resource for scientific researchers, educators and the public. BSU’s Natural History Collection helps cultivate scientific research, aid in teaching biology in higher education, and foster an appreciation for biodiversity through public outreach.