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Beyond the Classroom

Undergraduate Research

Each semester, Research Problems in Biology (BIOL 396) and Undergraduate Biological Research (BIOL 497) are offered by full-time faculty members who direct and supervise either individuals or a small team of undergraduates in a research project. Students are intimately involved with experimental design as well as data collection, analysis and interpretation. The course culminates with a student presentation of the semester’s work in a departmental seminar. These courses are often followed by a presentation at a professional scientific meeting. Research topics vary from semester to semester as different faculty members direct the research course. The Department of Biological Sciences highly recommends this experience which adds a profitable dimension that is not provided by ordinary course work.

Grant funding for undergraduate research students is available through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Recent Adrian Tinsley Program Summer Grant Recipients included:

  • Alexis Correira & Mathew Driscoll, "Effects of Latitude and Prey Abundance on the Reproductive Output of the Asian Shore Crab"  
    Mentor: Dr. Christopher Bloch
  • James McAvoy, "A Molecular Epidemiological Study of the Prevalence of Tick-borne Pathogens in Ixodes scapularis Ticks from Plymouth County, Massachusetts"
    Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Mendell
  • Brett Sheehan & Kimberly Tocchio, "Inventorying Amphibian and Reptile Diversity at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Plymouth, Massachusetts" 
    Mentor: Dr. Thilina Surasinghe

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With access to the remarkable resources in the Dana Mohler-Faria Center for Science and Mathematics, biological sciences students gain the skills needed to secure internships at biotechnology companies, health centers, environmental agencies, schools and other organizations. Translating these classroom and lab experiences to real-world environments gives students an immediate advantage when it comes to entering the workforce.

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Student Academic Clubs

The Biology Club promotes interest in biological sciences, environmental awareness and camaraderie between students and faculty. In addition, the Biochemistry and PreMedical Clubs offer lectures, promote research and provide networking for students interested in the combined fields of chemistry, biology and medicine.