Academic Programs - Dance

Academic Programs


A formal audition is required for acceptance into the dance major. Please visit our online audition site for details.

Suggested Course Sequence for Dance Major

First Year - Fall


First Year - Spring

DANC 254 Science and Theory of Dance DANC 256 Dance Composition
DANC 242 T & P of Ballet, Fall DANC 245 T & P Ballet, Spring
DANC 155 Dance Practicum (by audition) DANC 155 Dance Practicum (by audition)
DANC 140 Dance Technical Practicum DANC 140 Dance Technical Practicum

Second Year - Fall


Second Year - Spring

DANC 263 Dance History to 1915 (Arts Core) DANC 264 Dance History from 1915 (Arts)
DANP 281 T & P of Educational Dance DANC 353 Creative Dance for the Child
DANC 248 T & P Modern Dance, Fall DANC 249 T & P Modern Dance, Spring
DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition) DANC 260 World Dance (Global, Arts Core)
  DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition)

Third Year - Fall


Third Year - Spring

DANC 357 Dance Production Theory (every other year) DANC 358 Dance Production Techniques
DANC 453 Dance Methodology DANC 452 Ballet Pedagogy
DANC 237 T & P Jazz Dance, Fall DANC 247 T & P Jazz Dance, Spring
DANC 349 T & P Advanced Modern DanceORDANC 345 T & P Advanced Ballet
THEA 280 Theater ManagementORTHEA 265 Theater Costuming (Either)
THEA 170 or 172 or 185 Technical PracticumORTHEA 170 or 172 or 185 Technical Practicum (1 cr required)
DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition) DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition)

Fourth Year - Fall


Fourth Year - Spring

DANC 357 DPT (if alternate year) DANC 358 DPT (if alternate year)
DANC 494 Seminar in Dance Education DANC 271 T & P of Tap Dance
DANC 399/499/497/498 (choice of one) ORDANC 399/499/497/498 (either semester)
DANP 168 Ballroom Dance ORDANP 164 Square OR DANP 161 Folk
DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition) DANC 155 Dance Practicum (audition)
Please see the Academic Catalog for course descriptions.
All dance majors must be enrolled in a dance technique class each semester. All dance majors must participate in the program productions in some way each semester. All dance majors will be evaluated at the end of their first semester for continuation in the major. A skill evaluation and participation survey will be applied.