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Our Faculty - Geography


Dr. Darcy Boellstorf smiling with long straight dirty blond hair wearing a v-neck sleeveless blue top with grass and trees in photo background

Dr. Darcy Boellstorff

Professor and Chairperson of Geography
Dr. Robert Amey.jpeg

Dr. Robert Amey

Associate Professor of Geography
Dr. Vernon Domingo.jpg

Dr. Vernon Domingo

Professor of Geography and Co-Coordinator, Project EarthView
Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan

Professor of Geography and Coordinator of Project EarthView
B Kim

BoAh Kim

Assistant Professor of Geography
Madhu Rao

Dr. Madhu Rao

Professor of Geography, Director of MENA Studies Program

Part-Time Faculty

Courtney Sutcliffe standing in front of giant inflatable globe smiling

Courtney Sutcliffe

Part-Time Faculty


Kristy Hill smiling with medium length brown hair wearing a black long sleeve top and a gray fashion scarf with print of the Eiffel Tower

Kristy Hill

Administrative Assistant I