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Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2022

Homecoming at Bridgewater State University unites the past with the present, creating a wonderful opportunity for alumni to rekindle ties with old classmates and families to reconnect with their students while experiencing an array of cultural, athletic and entertainment events.

Join our students, alumni, families, and friends for one of our largest annual gatherings to celebrate campus pride and experience BSU life.

BSU Alumni and mascot Bristaco around a table next to the football field at Homecoming

Welcome Home! We look forward to celebrating with you. Please visit our BSU Alumni page for more information about Alumni events at Homecoming. 

*Online registrations for Alumni events will close at 12 noon on Wednesday Sept. 28. 

2019 Homecoming court on stage smiling and clapping

Students gather to celebrate BSU pride during a week full of events leading up to Homecoming. 

2 adults with 2 children who have face paint and are holding foam bear paws at Homecoming

Join us! Enjoy a day of fun with your BSU student. 

Be sure to check back as this website will be updated with more details.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Homecoming?