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Bridgewater State University Bid/Contract Opportunities

Current bid and contract opportunities associated with Bridgewater State University are listed below.

A listing of larger construction related bids may be found at

Column one has the bid number, two has the bid name, three has the date available. Four has the date and time the bid opens, and five has the procurement contact.

Bid#Bid NameDate AvailableBid Due Date/TimeProcurement Contact
RFQ No.6 (FY24)RSU Plaster and Paint Vestibule and Stairs05/01/202405/15/2024 @ 12 p.m. ESTMaria
RFQ No.5 (FY24)RODI Water System Replacement05/01/202405/15/2024 @ 10 a.m. ESTMaria
RFI No.27 (FY24)Sale: Cessna 172R04/19/202405/07/2024 @ 2 p.m.Nadine
RFQ No.4 (FY24)Diesel/Gasoline Dispensing unit repairs04/10/202404/24/2024 @ 10 a.m. ESTMaria
RFB No.26 (FY24)BSU Exterior Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repairs04/10/202404/26/2024 @ 10 a.m. EST General BidsMaria
RFQ No.3 (FY24)Shea Durgin Floor Lounge Vinyl03/27/202404/10/2024 @ 10 a.m. ESTMaria
RFI No. 14 (FY24)Bridgewater State University Bookstore03/14/202404/18/2024 @ 5 p.m.Nadine
RFB No.21 (FY24)Security Operations Center (SOC) Construction03/06/2024FSB - 04/03/2024 @ 2 p.m. EST
GC - 04/10/2024 @ 2 p.m. EST
RFQ No.2 (FY24)Science Center - NCE Hardware Update03/06/202403/20/2024 @ 10 a.m. ESTMaria
RFQ No.1 (FY24)RODI Water System Replacement02/21/202403/06/2024 @ 10 a.m. ESTMaria
RFP No. 20 (FY24-3-2)Enterprise Service Management Platform02/09/202402/28/2024 @ 2 p.m. ESTNadine
RFB No.19 (FY24)Student Accessibility Services Office Suite02/07/20243/04/2024 @ 10 a.m. EST General Bids; 2/26/2024 @ 2 p.m. EST Sub-bidsMaria
RFB No.18 (FY24)Crimson Vanity Door Replacement01/31/202402/20/2024 @ 2 p.m. ESTMaria
RFP No.11 (FY24-3-2)BSU Ticketing Platform12/18/202301/11/2024 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFP No.12 (FY24-3-2)Athletic Recruitment Software11/10/202311/29/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFB No.9 (FY24)Maxwell Library - HVAC Upgrade11/01/202311/28/2023 @ 2 p.m. General Bids, extended; 11/14/2023 @ 10 a.m. ReSub-Bid of HVACMaria
RFP No.17 (FY24-4-2)Student Finance and eCommerce Services10/30/202311/15/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFIC No. 16 (FY24)Request for Independent Contractor, Speaking Engagement, Topic: Role of the Ombud’s Office within Public Higher Education Institutions10/13/202310/27/2023 @ 4 p.m. ESTJenn
RFB No.10 (FY24)Admission Constituent Relationship Management Software10/02/202310/24/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFB No.8 (FY24)Supervisory Control Hardware Upgrade09/13/202309/27/2023 @ 2 p.m. ESTMaria
RFI No.6 (FY24)Human Resources Talent Management Client Relationship Management System08/16/202309/15/2023 @ 5 p.m.Nadine
RFB No.3 (FY24-3-2)Tables and Chairs08/07/202308/22/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFB No.4 (FY24-3-2)Audio Visual Production Services08/07/202308/22/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFB No.2 (FY24-3-2)Tent Rental07/18/202308/01/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFP No.5 (FY24)BSU Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Package Printing07/17/202307/31/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine
RFI No.1 (FY24)Student Finance and eCommerce Services07/10/202307/28/2023 @ 5 p.m. ESTNadine