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Payments to Suppliers

Bridgewater State University purchase order terms are Net 30 days from invoice receipt specifically agreed to in the university’s purchase order terms and conditions. The university will consider shorter payment terms in exchange for prompt payment discounts. Please reach out to Procurement Services to discuss a prompt payment discount.


The standard method of payment is to issue payment to suppliers via ACH. Suppliers can setup their banking details in BSU’s Supplier Portal. All valid, approved, invoice payments are handled by Accounts Payable. In limited cases, the university may issue payment via check. 

Payment cycles are processed every Wednesday and released the next business day.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are used for payments to vendors outside the United States banking system or when a situation requires immediate funds to settle a transaction. Suppliers can setup their banking details for a wire transfer in BSU’s Supplier Portal

Additional inquiries may be directed to Accounts Payable.

Invoice Submission

BSU 's preferred method of submitting invoices from purchase orders is through our Supplier Portal or electronically through cXML submission.

If the submission of invoices through the Supplier Portal or cXML is not possible, invoices may be sent to our Digital Mailroom:


Mail: Bridgewater State University, PO Box 4229, Scranton PA 18505

Invoice Requirements

BSU requests all suppliers include the following information on the invoices submitted to BSU for payment:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Remit to Name and Address
  • Line-Item Detail of the goods/services rendered