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EXCEL Partnership Program Components

students in class


  • EXCEL students may enroll in any BSU course without prerequisites.
  • Using a Person-Centered Planning approach, EXCEL staff help students identify personal interests and career goals, which help guide their course selections.
  • Education Coaches hired through the partnering school district accompany students to BSU, providing individualized supports as needed.
  • Education Coaches attend classes with their students, making sure to blend in as much as possible while providing academic supports.
  • The goal is for students to become as independent as possible and for Ed Coaches to fade their support throughout the year.
  • Student and Education Coach teams meet on a regular basis with the EXCEL staff for support in accessing college resources.
  • Students meet with program staff to set year long goals that will help them work toward the long-term vision they have for their future.
  • Program Staff provide on-going assistance to student and Ed Coach teams.
student and supervisor at internship

Career Guidance

  • Students create a career path based on their personal goals, interests and vocational assessments.
  • EXCEL students work on developing their employability skills during career check-in meetings and through participation in their internships.
  • During the year, students work to develop their own career portfolios which will assist them as they pursue paid employment opportunities.
  • Students gain hands-on experience in a variety of internships which they choose based on their personal interests and career goals.
  • Job Coaches attend internships with students, providing guidance and support as needed.
  • Using evaluation tools, students and staff track and evaluate progress on the job site.
  • Students gain confidence as they monitor their own development throughout the year and build upon their own success.
students playing fusball

Social Life

  • EXCEL students enjoy everything BSU has to offer by getting involved in campus clubs, activities, events, and organizations.
  • Students are paired with BSU peer mentors, who help them assimilate to college life.
  • By attending campus events, students make new friends, foster their social and communication skills, and become more independent.
  • Students truly become part of the BSU community.