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BSU currently hosts all online and hybrid-online classes on the Blackboard Learning Management System. Here are some helpful resources to support your academic success on Blackboard.  

Getting Started with Blackboard at BSU 

Blackboard is used by faculty and students to share information and course materials, to engage in class activities and collaborate online. Many of your faculty are using Blackboard to deliver classes remotely. It is required that you have an internet connection in order to access Blackboard. For best experience, it is recommended using a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser; Blackboard may not support other non-recommended browsers. If you are new to Blackboard or need a refresher, take the Blackboard Student Tutorial course for students, or email

To log in to Blackboard at BSU, students should log in to the Student Portal,, and click on Blackboard. Students can also navigate directly to Blackboard at BSU by going to

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

BSU has upgraded to Blackboard's Ultra Base Navigation. This provides users with an updated user interface that allows users to view their courses and course materials quickly and easily. Watch this introduction video to get an initial look and feel for the new user interface. 


Blackboard Student Tutorial Course  

BSU offers a Blackboard tutorial course to show new students how to navigate through a Blackboard course site. The course is set up to teach students about the various aspects of using Blackboard for their online courses. While each professor may run their class differently and set up their Blackboard site specific for their class' needs, the tutorial helps students learn how to complete the basic tasks that might be asked of them.

Students should contact IT support to be enrolled in this tutorial course. 

Organizing the Student Course View

This video will demonstrate how students can organize their course view in Blackboard.

Blackboard Assignments

Instructors will often require students to submit their assignments through Blackboard. When an instructor posts an assignment link in Blackboard, students will be able to click on the link, and upload files (various file formats accepted), or write in their responses in a designated text box on the assignment submission page. 


Reviewing Instructor's Feedback on Assignments in Blackboard

This video will demonstrate how students can review feedback from their instructors on their assignments and tests.


Useful Blackboard Links


Zoom at BSU

Here are some resources to help students with the basics of Zoom at BSU. Zoom is a live web-conferencing tool that faculty may choose to use to conduct their synchronous class sessions. Faculty/Staff may also choose to use zoom for open office hours with students. 

Log In Zoom at BSU

Whether you need to join a virtual meeting on your mobile device or computer, these downloadable pdf instructions will help you log in to Zoom at BSU. 

If you have an existing Zoom account using your BSU email address, visit, and click “Sign In" to merge your personal Zoom account with BSU's Pro Enterprise license. Click the “Switch to the new account" button and then click “I Acknowledge and Switch" (ignore any warnings about privileges).

You can also watch this short video for more Zoom login troubleshooting tips.


If you are maintaining separate personal accounts or using accounts from other institutions, you will need to log out of one account and into another. Click here for additional support from Zoom's website on switching between your accounts. 

Accessing Zoom Class Recordings

If your professor has published a Zoom class recording or video lecture using Zoom, you can access it by using the Zoom tool on Blackboard. 


Zoom Training

Zoom conducts free daily live webinars​   and has a library of recorded training videos.   

Zoom also has a Frequently Asked Questions​   list for common questions.

Additional Zoom Resources

Questions about Zoom?

Contact IT support at or 508-531-2555

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams  

There may be certain times where students, faculty, and staff will use Microsoft Teams to meet virtually. Once you have your BSU user account set up, you already have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which includes Microsoft Teams. Students can choose to use the cloud version of these apps, or download the desktop version of these apps. 

Log in to Office 365 at BSU

To log in to Office 365 and start using Microsoft apps at BSU, simply go to, and enter your FULL BSU email address, and your password. 

Download Office 365 to Your Computer

This page from Information Technology has everything students need to know about downloading Office 365 apps for free using their BSU email account. Be sure to carefully read the instructions and check the system requirements needed in order to properly download these apps. 

Need More Assistance? 

Call IT Support at 508-531-2555 or email them at

Academic Support and Student Services

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides students with academic services and resources that propel them toward successful and timely degree completion. With all the services available in the center, the AAC is the largest hub of student academic services on campus. Ideally located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library in the center of the BSU Campus, the AAC is comprised of four major support areas: Academic Advising (first-semester freshmen), the Disability Resources Office, Learning Assistance (tutoring and academic coaching), and Testing Services. Drop-in learning support areas (Math Services, Accounting & Finance Lab, Writing Studio, Second Language Services), open study space, study rooms available for reserve, and computers are all available for student use. Stop by or call 508-531-1214 for more information about any of the services offered by the Academic Achievement Center.

Useful AAC Links

Library Services

All BSU students have access to print and online library resources and materials. Services available include circulation, reference, interlibrary loan/document delivery services, and more. Off-campus students may conduct research by using the databases on the library's website. 

Guidance on Recording in the Classroom and in the Virtual Classroom

Last edited: 05-08-2020

In order to provide consolidated guidance on recording of material and activities in BSU classrooms and/or during University sponsored activities, please see this guidance on permissions and requirements. It is important to note that consent to record must be received in most cases according to Massachusetts law (MA General Laws Part IV, Title I, Chapter 272, Section 99). Exceptions are listed here as part of this guidance document. Thank you for your support in making the classroom experience productive, safe, and accommodating for all participants.

Permission to Record

If the student does not have a Letter of Accommodation granting the audio recording of lectures, then recording is at the professor’s discretion with notification of other parties being recorded (pursuant to Massachusetts law). Students must ask and receive permission prior to recording with any device. Faculty may notify participants of their intention to record using existing prompts sent automatically to all participants by recording technology platform.


Recording with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra provides instructors with a web-conferencing tool for conducting synchronous lectures and discussions with their classes.  Instructors can share an audio and video feed using a webcam, conduct instant polls with students, share their desktop or a software application to teach students about a particular topic, and record class sessions for students to review on their own at a later time. 

Instructors can designate students with presenter role, allowing students to perform live presentations with slideshows for the class.  Instructors have control over initiating and ending a session recording; students cannot record class sessions in the presenter or participant roles.  When a session recording is initiated, all members of the Collaborate Ultra room are notified.

To learn more about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and holding synchronous online discussions with your students, please contact the Teaching & Technology Center at


Students with ADA Letters of Accommodation

If the student has a Letter of Accommodation granting the audio recording of lectures, however, the recording must be permitted. An exception would be only when the Professor asks all students to discontinue taking notes. The function of the recording is essentially to facilitate note taking for the student. For example, students may be in a discussion that elicits the sharing of personal information. The professor may guide the class to discontinue notetaking and recording to protect student anonymity. This would be an appropriate time to limit the recording of course content for all students.

Two-party consent laws do not override the ADA’s reasonable accommodation requirements. The Disability Resources Office consents to the recording through the Letter of Accommodation and the professor is notified that the class will be recorded. The professor should NOT announce it to the class, as they would not announce any other specific accommodation, but they could add a general accessibility statement to their syllabus if they felt particularly compelled to:

“This course may be audio recorded as an accommodation under ADA/504 laws, but only with permission from the Office of Disability Resources and notice to instructor(s).”

In regard to intellectual property rights, the instructor’s right to privacy or copyright does not override the students right to accommodation. However, students are required to delete all recordings at the end of the semester and notified recordings are only for their personal use. These expectations are communicated in writing to the student on their Letter of Accommodation.

For assistance navigating the topic of recording in the context of an approved accommodation, please contact Jenna Shales, Associate Director of the Disability Resources Office at  or by calling 508-531-2194.


Unapproved Recording of Classes or Classroom Discussion

Faculty concerned with the unapproved recording of classes or classroom discussions may refer such concerns to the Office of Community Standards. The Student Code of Conduct addresses alleged violations which include unapproved audio/visual recordings of classes either in person or virtual. Additionally, all University policies such as the Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy apply.

To discuss any concerns related to the unauthorized or unapproved recording of and use thereof may be discussed with Peter Wiernicki, Director, Office of Community Standards at or by calling 508-531-1737.

If it is believed that federal, state, or local law, or conduct that would violate the legal rights of others has occurred, the Bridgewater State University Police Department is available for consultation and assistance by calling 508-531-1212.

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