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Got Questions?

What is Got Questions?

Got Questions is a program that provides a one-stop platform for students to get quick answers to questions as they navigate a new semester. This program is being extended to accommodate students with academic related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have in-person classes, but I don’t know where my classroom is? How do I find it?

Please reference BSU’s Campus Map .


Who do I contact if I have technology issues?

If you have issues with any one of your devices, contact IT Services located in the bottom floor of the library. Call them at 508.531.2555 or email them at


What do I do if Blackboard crashes on me?

If Blackboard crashes while you are in a session — please contact IT Services at 508.531.2555 or email them at


Who do I contact if I need to update my class schedule?

Before updating your class schedule, you should FIRST contact your designated advisor and discuss any changes with them first.

If you are withdrawing from a course AFTER the add/drop you would go to the Registrar's Bridgenet site and fill out the “Course Withdrawal Form.” You can call them at 508.531.1231 or email them at between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

If you are changing a class DURING add/drop then you simply can go to InfoBear and add or drop a class yourself in the Add/Drop Class feature. The registrar's office will then withdraw the course from your account, only AFTER you submit the add/drop request.


What happens if I can’t get into my class?

If you are having issues getting into your online class, you should email your professor immediately to let them know that you are having issues. If the issue persists — you should contact IT Services for assistance at 508.531.2555 or email them at


What do I do if the professor does not show up to my class session?

If your professor doesn’t show up to a scheduled class section, make sure to check your email and/or syllabus to see if the class was canceled. If not, check to make sure you're using the correct link. If you are using the correct link and have the correct time, make sure to email your professor and stay on the call until they show or until the end of the designated class time.

If you have in-person courses, please stay at your location until your professor shows up, until you receive communication from them canceling the course or until the end of the designated class time.


When should I get to my class?

For both in-person and virtual classes, you should arrive to your class at least 5-10 minutes early. If you have trouble finding your in-person class, please reference the BSU Campus Map first, then email your professor if you are still having trouble.


How long do I have to get to my class?

Each class has a designated start time. You should be at your class at that start time. If you are having issues getting into your class, email your professor and contact IT Services for assistance at 508.531.2555 or email them at

TIP: Plan to be ready to join class 10 minutes prior to the start of class. This is a good time management practice that will leave you with time if you run into any issues and give you a chance to acclimate to your schedule without stressing due to tardiness.


What happens if I need to quarantine and I have in-person classes?

Students who test positive for COVID-19 can choose to quarantine either at home or in Miles Hall on BSU’s campus. If you do test positive for COVID-19 where you must quarantine, please contact your professors to make arrangements. For more information, please visit BSU’s COVID site.

For any additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Wellness Center at 508.531.1252 or email them at


How do I know if my classes are all virtual (asynchronous or synchronous) or in-person?


I don’t have access to laptop/computer or internet access. What do I do if my classes are virtual?

The Maxwell Library's first floor (Shaw Road entrance) will be open for computer access. Additionally, the library circulation desk has loaner devices, i.e., laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, wireless hotspots, etc. available for you to borrow. For more information, please contact the Circulation Desk at 508.531.1392 or visit BSU’s loaner devices page.

You can also contact IT Services for assistance at 508.531.2555 or email them at


Are the professors still holding office hours?

Every professor is required to hold their own office hours for students to ask questions and get help with work outside of class. You can find office hours on the class syllabus located on Blackboard. If you have questions regarding your professor's office hours, please email your professor directly.


Who do I contact to get a hotspot Wi-Fi router?

To get a hotspot Wi-Fi router, please contact the Circulation Desk at 508.531.1392 or visit BSU’s loaner devices.


Where do I go to get my Connect Card?

If you have not gotten your connect card yet, you should call the Parking Services and Connect Card Office at 508.531.2897 or email them at


Where do I go to find out what is happening on campus?

For more information for what is happening on campus, please visit the BSU Engage site.



Does BSU provide COVID testing to on-campus students? Where do I go to get a COVID Test? How often do I need to get a test?

For all COVID-19 updates, please visit BSU’s COVID-19 site.



What is a syllabus and where do I find it?


When is add/drop for the semester?

In order to get a full refund, students must drop a class before the add/drop deadline. Please visit the registrar's add/drop deadlines Bridgenet site for the schedule and links to add/drop forms.


Does my meal plan roll over?

Your meal plan does roll over into the following semester (i.e. Fall to Spring but not Spring to Fall). The roll over is only for the academic year not the calendar year. For more information on meal plans, please visit the BSU Dining website.


Do my Flex Dollars roll over?

Your Flex Dollars DO roll over into the following semester. For more information on Flex Dollars, please visit the

How to Succeed with Online Learning

Navigating online classes is a difficult transition for any student. BSU wants to help you succeed in your courses and as a student. 

BSU has a page dedicated to helping students navigate online learning success.

Below are some tips and tricks from current students to help you succeed with online learning.

Still get up and do your morning routine and get dressed for class, even if you are learning remote! You will have a more productive feeling when tackling your classes.
Bailey Cormier, '22
Get yourself a planner! Writing down due dates and keeping a list of your homework, projects and papers will help you remember and keep yourself organized.
Eddy Plante, '22
Have a space to work outside of your bed or even your room if you can. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your relaxing spot is the same as your work spot. Keeping a distinction between the two will help you find the balance of it all.
Reese VanDerMolen, '22
Do something for you every day! School can be stressful but if you have that one moment for you that you check out for a little bit and recharge, you’ll be better for it.
Éamonn Graeme, '22
Dedicate time in your schedule and planners to work on course work for all your classes even if they are asynchronous because you don’t want to fall behind or miss assignments just because there is no designated time to meet.
Rosa Gachia, '22
Make a schedule for you to follow- build in time to eat, study, work out, nap, etc. Creating a schedule that includes your classes and other activities will help you stay motivated, and on track for a healthy and successful semester.
Bree Schultz, '22