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Bridgewater welcomes international applicants and recommends that international students begin the application process at least six months prior to the semester for which they are applying. As an international student, you will have to submit additional information with your application. Please review the information below to learn more about the university and the international application process.

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International Admissions Application Information (pdf)

Information about Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University (BSU), enrolling approximately 8,000 full-time undergraduate students, is located 30 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts in the rural/suburban town of Bridgewater, population 26,563.  Commuter rail service offers easy access to Boston direct from the on-campus train station.

The university provides the individual attention so important to the academic and cultural adjustment of international students.  ESL courses are offered on a limited basis.  There are also special classes in reading, writing and study skills available.  Approximately 130 international students are enrolled at the university representing more than 29 different countries.

Bachelor's Degrees Available to International Students

Undergraduate degree-seeking international students can apply to all programs, except the flight training program. Please visit our Majors & Minors page and click on your program of interest to learn more about the program.

Admissions Requirements for International Applicants 

Application with essay: Applicants should complete all items on the application for admissions.  You must apply online and the application fee is $50.00.  Essay should be included as part of your application.

Academic Credentials/Transcripts: Applicants whose schools and universities maintain a record of courses with hours of credit and grade shown on the record (The Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, etc.) should request that official transcripts of records be sent directly from the issuing institution to Bridgewater State University.  Transcripts must show courses taken by years and/or semester in chronological order, the hours per week and/or unit value of each course and the final grade received in each course.  Records attesting to the completion of a degree program must indicate the title of the degree in the native language as well as a literal translation of the title and the date the degree was granted.  Applicants from countries in which detailed records of course hours and grades are not kept, but where certificates or diplomas are earned on completion of examination given by government examining bodies (GCE Certificates, Secondary School Leaving or Maturity Certificates, Baccalaureate II, Bachillerato, Indian and Pakistan BA or BSc Certificates) should submit facsimile copies of the certificates.  The copies must have been compared with and certified as a true copy of the original document by a notary public, or by an appropriate school or government official.

A translation must be submitted accompanying any documents supplied in a language other than English.  Applicants from India and Pakistan must supply a detailed marks sheet and certificate for each examination, properly certified.  Applicants from the Middle East must submit translations of their records which have been certified by the AFME, or by the American Embassy or consulate.  Applicants from the Middle East who are presently in the U.S. may submit translations which have been certified by the American Consulate, or an embassy or consulate of their home country.

Applicants should also submit any explanatory materials available, such as syllabi, with descriptive titles of course studies, the lecture and laboratory hours devoted to each course and an explanation of the marking system, indicating the minimum and maximum marks given.  All records submitted become the property of the university and will not be returned to the student.  No applicant will be considered for admission until all relevant materials and official documents are on file, nor will an evaluation or estimate of academic standing be made.  The university requires an external credit evaluation of selected documents if seeking college level credit from a non-U.S. institution.

SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Verification Form for International Transfer Students (pdf)

TOEFL/ English Language Proficiency: To register to take the TOEFL examination, applicants must obtain the Information Bulletin which includes a registration form. Bulletins are available at American embassies and consulates or at the office of the USIS, at U.S. educational commissions and foundations and at bi-national centers. Candidates not able to obtain a copy locally should write to TOEFL/TSE Publications, P.O. Box 6154, Princeton, NJ 08541-6154, USA (Telephone 609.771.7100. www.toefl.org.) Applicants should have their scores sent from the Education Testing Service directly to the Office of Admission, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA 02325. In order to have your TOEFL score reported directly to Bridgewater State University, please enter the institutional code number 3517 on the answer sheet when taking the test or on the Score Request Form.

Affidavit of Financial Support: The University requires family or sponsor information and bank documentation that shows there are sufficient exchange funds to cover the costs of attending the university. Parts 1 and 2 of the Confidential Affidavit of Financial Support must be completed showing sufficient funds (in US dollars) to cover the costs of the first year at the university. The university requires a Bank Statement which shows the minimum required funds to be submitted along with the Affidavit of Financial Support. The amount must be stated in U.S. dollars. Statements for checking or savings accounts only are accepted. The “Estimate of Yearly Expenses” found later in this documents should be used to determine the sufficient funds required.

Affidavit of Financial Support Form (pdf)

Immunization Record: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all international students to meet current immunization requirements prior to arrival. Please submit your health information along with your application materials.

Immunization Letter (pdf)
Higher Education Immunization Requirements for International Students and Visitors (pdf)
Higher Education Immunization Form for International Students and Visitors (pdf)

Passport, Visa, Non-immigrant Form, I-94: Please submit copies of these along with the application to determine which forms should be forwarded if candidate is admitted.

Cost of Attendance

Please keep in mind that the costs for living expenses are minimum estimates and that, depending on your lifestyle, these costs may be higher. Transportation to and from the United States is not included in these estimates. ALL UNIVERSITY COSTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. TUITION AND FEES ARE BASED ON FULL-TIME DAY STATUS (12 credit hours per semester)

Required Fees (all students)$9,102.00
Student Support Fee$100.00
Technology Fee$54.00
Capital Fee$204.00
Orientation Fee$160.00
Required Health Insurance$2,755.00
Rent, utilities and food$12,916.00
Household needs$600.00
Books and supplies$1,000.00
Clothing and Laundry$600.00
Summer living expenses$2,500.00
Miscellaneous Expenses$700.00
Twelve-Month Total (Estimate)$37,387.00*

*To be used on Affidavit of Financial Support

The amounts listed are the average cost of attending Bridgewater. Each student’s actual expenses will vary based on individual choices. These amounts are utilized to issue the I-20 and cannot be prorated.

This information was gathered from the following resources:
Cost of attending: http://www.bridgew.edu/admissions-aid/cost-attending
Tuition and fees (2017-2018): http://www.bridgew.edu/admissions/cost-attending/fee-schedule
Health insurance (2017-2018): https://www.universityhealthplans.com/intro/BridgewaterSC.html

Important Notice: Checks submitted for payment of all fees and tuition are required to be either in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank with a branch in the applicant’s country or in U.S. dollars drawn on a foreign bank which has a New York branch.

After Acceptance

I-20 A-B Form: The Certificate of Eligibility Form (I-20 Document) is provided only to applicants who have submitted all required credentials (including the Affidavit of Financial Support) and who have been admitted to the University. Students who have received an I-20 form should note that immigration regulations are being rigorously followed. Students should not plan to attend Bridgewater State University unless they have appropriate documentation.

Transfer Students: If the accepted student has an F-1 visa from another U.S. institution, the student’s previous International Student Advisor should be notified of his/her intent to transfer. Transfer students who do not plan to travel outside the United States prior to the start of their first semester will receive their new BSU Form I-20 at International Student Orientation. Transfer students who have a valid reason for missing the mandatory International Student Orientation must report to the International Student and Scholar Services office in the Minnock Center for International Engagement and pick up the Form I-20 no later than the add/drop deadline of the first semester.

Health Records and Insurance: Accepted candidates are required to purchase the University student health insurance plan to cover the duration of their enrollment at the University. J-1 students are required to carry additional benefits at an additional charge. Information concerning coverage benefits is mailed along with other orientation materials in advance of the student’s arrival in the United States. Failure to maintain proper insurance coverage will jeopardize enrollment and potentially your immigration status.

International Student Orientation: Students who enroll at the University for the first time are required to participate in an International Student Orientation. This is scheduled approximately two to five days prior to the beginning of each semester. During this orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet the International Student Advisor, learn about customs in the United States, and register for courses.

Housing: On-campus housing is not available to graduate students. The Department of Student Life may assist students who are interested in locating an off-campus room or apartment.

Special Note: International students accepted into a program should register for classes online as soon as possible. Registration information will be mailed to students after they have accepted our offer of admission and have returned their Enrollment Form to the Office of Graduate Admissions.


On-campus housing is available for students through Residence Life and Housing. Students will have the opportunity to select their room assignment over the summer through our online process. There are 11 residence halls on campus with single, double, triple, and quad rooms. We cannot guarantee any specific room or room configuration. For more information, visit our website, call 508.531.1277, or email reslife@bridgew.edu.