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Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center
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Dr. Thomas Kling

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Patricia, Benson

Department of Physics

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Whether you hope to examine the night sky in an effort to discover the origins of the universe, or to help high schoolers grasp the concepts that govern the arc of a basketball, the study of physics can open the door to a wide spectrum of rewarding careers. In the Department of Physics at Bridgewater State University, we instill in our students a profound appreciation for the beauty and elegance of natural laws – and the hard skills to work for our region’s most prestigious employers.

From teachers to optical engineers working with high-powered lasers, the demand for qualified individuals with a background in physics is high. BSU offers bachelor’s degrees in General Physics and Professional Physics, with concentrations in Applied Physics, Astrophysics and Optics. Roughly one third of BSU physics students go on to graduate school, one third become teachers and one third work in industry. All degrees offer significant opportunities to undertake research, allowing students to experience firsthand the wonders that rule our world.

Adam Jabak in a BSU physics lab

Adam Jabak, '20, earned a first place award at the National Collegiate Research Conference.

Professor Edward Deveney in a lab

Photonics is an emerging field in need of a workforce that BSU will help to train. BSU Professor Ed Deveney is a local principal investigator for the grant that brings together industry, academia and government to fill the need in Massachusetts.

A team of BSU students built optical tweezers, one of only 15-20 such devices used for biological research in the country, to research how cancer drugs interact with single molecules of DNA.