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Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering

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From teachers to photonics engineers working with the latest laser-based technologies, the demand for qualified individuals with demonstrated skills in physics, photonics and optical engineering is high. Every Bridgewater State University physics or photonics and optical engineering student builds their capabilities through a project-based curriculum that culminates in a capstone project or honors thesis. In the Department of Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering, you can

  • examine the night sky in an effort to discover the origins of the universe,
  • work with lasers to probe the biological or quantum realms,
  • help high schoolers grasp the concepts that govern the arc of a basketball, or
  • design novel devices using light-based technology.

BSU offers bachelor’s degrees in Physics with possible concentrations in Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Physics Education or Optics. Building on our strength in experimental physics and optics, we now offer the first Engineering degree at a Massachusetts State University: the Bachelor’s of Science in Photonics and Optical Engineering.

The faculty, staff and students in the Department of Physics, Photonics, and Optical Engineering are committed to fostering a welcoming, equitable environment where everyone thrives professionally and personally. We offer small classes, personalized advising and mentoring, training to use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and significant opportunities to undertake research or internships, including with outside universities or companies.

Our department provides interdisciplinary research opportunities for all STEM majors, including mathematical and computational modeling, designing computer software to run state-of-the-art experimental set-ups, and studying the interactions of cancer drugs with DNA.


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