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BSU physics students have played an active role in some of the most groundbreaking work in physics at locations like the Fermi Lab, the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA and local industries like Plymouth Grating Lab. They gain essential work experience, jumpstarting their careers even before graduation.

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Student Activities

Society of Physics Students
This student-led chapter of the national organization welcomes anyone with a passion for physics to attend regular meetings where members discuss new research and developments in the field.

Bridgewater Experimental Astrophysics Research (BEAR) Team
The BEAR Team is an undergraduate astronomy research group funded by the NASA Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium (MASGC). Formed in fall 2015, students from primarily science and mathematics disciplines use the BSU Observatory’s primary research telescope and conduct research on asteroids, exoplanets, type Ia supernovae, and photometry of KIC 8462852 (also known as Tabby’s star). Students are mentored by Dr. Martina Arndt or Observatory Manager Jamie Kern. Data acquired, processed and analyzed by the BEAR Team has led to Research Problems in Physics courses, poster sessions at symposiums and a summer space grant.

Bridgewater Physics Educators
BSU students studying to be physics teachers are invited to join local high school physics teachers and our physics education faculty for physics demo days. These meetings bring together fun and exciting physics experiments with conversations around physics education research. Learn more