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Academic Programs - Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering


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The department offers five categories of bachelor's degree. Our General Physics (BA) degree mostly targeted toward students planning on becoming teachers. The Professional Physics (BS) degree for students interested in going to graduate school or industry. The Professional Physics degree is also offered with three specialized concentrations: Applied Physics Concentration-targeting those who are interested in pursuing Engineering, Astro Physics Concentration and Optics Concentration. In addition, we offer a minor in Physics and a Photonics and Optical Engineering major and minor.


We also provide Masters in Teacher Education. The MAT program is designed for high school and middle school subject area teachers with initial certification who are seeking professional licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as for licensed secondary school teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills and earn a master's degree in a particular discipline. 

All degree programs offer exciting opportunities for research. Our students collaborate with faculty on research projects and have a significant impact on their own educational experiences. Our goal is to inspire in them a lifelong fascination with the physical properties of nature and the complexity, simplicity, and beauty of natural laws. Students who do research have the option to write a thesis on their research to obtain Physics Honors.

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