Graduate International Applicants

Thank you for your interest in a graduate program at Bridgewater State University.  As an international student, you will have to submit additional information with your application.  Please click on the areas below to learn more about the university and the international application process.

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Information about Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University (BSU), is located 30 miles southeast of Boston, Massachusetts in the rural/suburban town of Bridgewater. Commuter rail service offers easy access to Boston direct from the on-campus MBTA station. The University provides the individual attention that is very important to the academic and cultural adjustment of international students. Campus employment is available to international students on a limited basis. Matriculated international graduate students are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships and graduate research assistantships once they have been admitted to a program. These assistantships are limited in number and academically competitive. Permission to work can be difficult to obtain because of immigration regulations, and scarce work opportunities. Reliable arrangements for expenses for the entire length of the intended program of study must be made in advance of arrival in the United States; proof of funds is required at the time of application. Graduate students must depend on their own resources to finance their entire education. The annual cost of an international student attending Bridgewater State University is listed under the section entitled “Estimate of Yearly Expenses,” and students are cautioned that these costs are approximate and are subject to change without notice. All bills must be paid within thirty days of receipt


Master's Degrees Available to International Students

Below is a list of the Master's degree programs available to international students.  Please click on your program of interest to learn more about the program, including the admission requirements and application deadlines.

Master of Arts (MA) in English
Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) *
Master of Education (MEd) in Mental Health Counseling
Master of Education (MEd) in Mental Health Counseling, International Non-Licensure (Non-U.S. Citizens)
Master of Education (MEd), PreK-12 Education (Non-Licensure)*
Master of Education (MEd) in Student Affairs Counseling
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Science (MS) in Athletic Training
Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science
Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice
Master of Science (MS) in Physical Education
Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Social Work (MSW)

*International students seeking a teaching program will normally enroll in either the PreK-12 Education (Non-Licensure), or in the MAT in TESOL, non-licensure concentration. Bridgewater offers additional teaching programs that are licensure programs designed for applicants who are licensed teachers or who are interested in becoming licensed teachers in Massachusetts. If you are interested in a teaching program other than one of these two programs, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions before applying.


Application Deadlines

International applicants should study the admissions requirements for their program of interest carefully before applying. The submission of official documents, which may include GRE, GMAT, and/or TOEFL or IELTS exam scores, and the determination of academic standing is a lengthy process; therefore, overseas students are advised to seek admission at least one month before the deadline.  Bridgewater will determine admissibility of international students not currently in the U.S. only on the basis of admission requirements. Please note that an I-20 cannot be issued without acceptable proof of funds.

International students needing a student visa may enroll at Bridgewater in only the Fall or Spring semester. International students may take classes during any continuing summer, but may not begin their program in the summer (exception for Athletic Training students, who begin their program in August, but must apply for the Fall semester). All documentation to meet admission requirements should be submitted no later than the application deadlines that can be viewed on the apply page.

Admissions Requirements for International Applicants 

Application: Applicants should fully complete the online application. The $50.00 application fee must be submitted online by credit card in order for the application to be submitted to our office. All other materials must be submitted online or received by mail.

Essay and Resume: Please submit your current resume as well as an essay (personal statement) that addresses the reasons you want to pursue graduate work in your field of choice, your specific interest and experiences in this field, and your career goals. View additional information here: Graduate Personal Statement

Academic Credentials: We require official, sealed transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. Transcripts must show courses taken by year and/or semester in chronological order, the hours per week and/or unit value of each course, and the final grade received in each course. Records attesting to the completion of a degree program must indicate the title of the degree in the native language and the date the degree was granted. Applicants should also submit any explanatory materials available, with descriptive titles of courses and an explanation of the marking system, indicating the minimum and maximum marks given. A notarized translation must be submitted accompanying any documents supplied in a language other than English.

Applicants from countries in which detailed records of course hours and grades are not kept, but where certificates or diplomas are earned on completion of examination given by government examining bodies (such as Indian and Pakistan BA or BSc Certificates) should submit copies of the certificates that have been compared with and certified as a true copy of the original document by a Notary Public, or by an appropriate school or government official. Applicants from the Middle East must submit translations of their records which have been certified by the AFME, or by the American Embassy or consulate. Applicants from the Middle East who are presently in the U.S. may submit translations which have been certified by the American Consulate, or an embassy or consulate of their home country.

The University requires an external credit evaluation in order to determine the U.S. equivalency of your degree(s). These firms include World Educational Services, the Center for Educational Documentation, SpanTran and Educational Perspectives Please be sure to request a course by course evaluation that also includes GPA conversion.

TOEFL and IELTS: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores may be necessary in accordance with English language skills. Students for whom English is not their native language will be required to submit an official copy of results from the TOEFL or IELTS, unless they have completed a college level degree that was taught entirely in English. If this is the case, documentation of the teaching method must be provided. Typically, when a degree outside the U.S. is taught in English, it is documented on the transcript or other official document. Students taking the TOEFL must receive a total score of 213 from a computer-based test, 550 from a paper-based test, or 79 on the internet-based test. Students taking the IELTS must receive a minimum total score of 6.0.

To register to take the TOEFL examination, please visit the TOEFL website. Applicants should have their scores sent from the Education Testing Service directly to the College of Graduate Studies, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA 02325. In order to have your TOEFL score reported directly to Bridgewater State University, please enter the institutional code number 3517 when taking the exam or when ordering your score report to be sent to our office.

GRE or GMAT Scores: Depending on the program, test scores may be required. Scores must be received in our office directly from the testing service. Please view the GRE website or the GMAT website for information on registering for these exams. In order to have your score reported directly to Bridgewater State University, please enter the institutional code number 3517 when taking the exam or when ordering your score report to be sent to our office.

Letters of Recommendation: Please obtain three Letters of Recommendation from professors and/or professional employers. Please use the Recommendation Form accessed from the Supplemental Items section of your application.  Please note: you will not be able to access this form until you complete the application and submit your payment. At least one recommendation from a professor and one from an employer is preferred; the third recommendation may be from either a professor or employer, depending on your experience. Recommendations should be submitted directly by your recommenders through the online system.

Affidavit of Financial Support: The University requires family or sponsor information and bank documentation that shows there are sufficient exchange funds to cover the costs of attending the University. The Affidavit of Financial Support must be completed showing sufficient funds (in U.S. dollars) to cover the costs of the first year at the University. The University will require proof that these funds have been deposited in a U.S. bank, or that payment has been made for the entire year’s tuition and fees prior to the start of the first semester. The “Estimate of Yearly Expenses” found later in this document should be used to determine the sufficient funds required.

Click Here to Access the Affidavit of Financial Support document

Certified bank/financial statement must attest to the fact that funds in the amount of $28,115.40 (subject to change) are available specifically for educational expenses for the first year of attendance. The statement must show sufficient funding for one year of university related costs and living expenses. Students may send this document electronically to begin the review process, however, original documents must be submitted no later than the program start date. The student and the financial sponsor continue to be financially responsible for the student’s entire program of study. These funds must be verified before an I-20 can be issued.

Copy of Passport, Visa, I-94: The applicant should submit copies of passport pages that show the passport number, expiration date, full name and home country address. Federal regulations require all international students to have a passport valid for at least six months in order for us to issue an I-20. A passport should be renewed or extended six months prior to the expiration date. If applicant is in the United States, copies of the most recent visas utilized to enter the United States and the front and back of the I-94 are required.

SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Verification Form: If you are currently studying at another institution in the U.S., the SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Verification Form must be completed by the International Student Advisor at your current school before your SEVIS record is transferred to BSU. This form must be revised and approved before you can register for classes at Bridgewater State University.

Click Here to Access the SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Verification Form

SEVIS fee: The SEVIS fee should be paid by students who will be entering the United States on an “Initial” I-20. Please visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website ( for more information. All records submitted become the property of the University and will not be returned to the student. No applicant will be considered for admission until all relevant materials and official documents are on file, nor will an evaluation or estimate of academic standing be made. 


Estimate of Yearly Expenses (2018/2019)

Please keep in mind that the costs for living expenses are minimum estimates and that, depending on your lifestyle, these costs may be higher. Transportation to and from the United States is not included in these estimates. ALL UNIVERSITY COSTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. TUITION AND FEES ARE BASED ON FULL-TIME STATUS (9 credit hours per semester)

Tuition $1,260.00
Required Fees (all students) $6,641.28
Technology Fee $54.00
Capital Fee $324.00
Required Health Insurance $2,985.00
Rent, utilities and food $13,262.00
Household needs $600.00
Books and supplies $1,000.00
Clothing and Laundry $600.00
Summer living expenses $2,500.00
Miscellaneous Expenses $700.00
Twelve-Month Total (Estimate) $29,926.28*

*To be used on Affidavit of Financial Support

The amounts listed are the average cost of attending Bridgewater. Each student’s actual expenses will vary based on individual choices. These amounts are utilized to issue the I-20 and cannot be prorated.

This information was gathered from the following resources:
Cost of attending:
Tuition and fees (2018-2019):
Health insurance (2018-2019):

Important Notice: Checks submitted for payment of all fees and tuition are required to be either in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank with a branch in the applicant’s country or in U.S. dollars drawn on a foreign bank which has a New York branch.

After Acceptance

Health Records: Candidates who are accepted are required to present complete health records, including an immunization record translated into English prior to arrival in the United States. (Approximate cost: $75.00). Failure to do so will jeopardize your entry and enrollment.

Medical Insurance: Accepted candidates are required to purchase the University student health insurance plan to cover the duration of their enrollment at the University. J-1 students are required to carry additional benefits at an additional charge. Information concerning coverage benefits is mailed along with other orientation materials in advance of the student’s arrival in the United States. Failure to maintain proper insurance coverage will jeopardize enrollment and potentially your immigration status.

Housing: On-campus housing is available to graduate students. Please contac Residence Life and Housing at for additional information.

I-20 Document: The Certificate of Eligibility Form (I-20 Document) is provided only to applicants who have submitted all required credentials (including the Affidavit of Financial Support) and who have been admitted to the University. Students who have received an I-20 form should note that immigration regulations are being rigorously followed. Students should not plan to attend Bridgewater State University unless they have appropriate documentation.

International Student Orientation: Students who enroll at the University for the first time are required to participate in an International Student Orientation. This is scheduled approximately two to five days prior to the beginning of each semester. During this orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet the International Student Advisor, learn about customs in the United States, and register for courses.

Transfer Students: If the accepted student has an F-1 visa from another U.S. institution, the student’s previous International Student Advisor should be notified of his/her intent to transfer. Transfer students who do not plan to travel outside the United States prior to the start of their first semester will receive their new BSU Form I-20 at International Student Orientation. Transfer students who have a valid reason for missing the mandatory International Student Orientation must report to the International Student and Scholar Services office in the Minnock Center for International Engagement and pick up the Form I-20 no later than the add/drop deadline of the first semester.

Registering for Classes: International students accepted into a program should register for classes online as soon as possible. Registration information will be mailed to students after they have accepted our offer of admission and have returned their Enrollment Form to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

For further information, contact Graduate Admissions at or 508.531.1300.