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Our Community

Working Together to Improve Our Communities

Bridgewater State University and its faculty, staff and students help sustain the economic vitality of the Town of Bridgewater; enrich the educational, intellectual, cultural, and artistic environment of the community; and improve the welfare and quality of life for residents of our town. BSU makes Bridgewater an even better place to live.

In turn, Bridgewater offers BSU students and employees a supportive, safe, welcoming, and thriving community that contributes to the richness of the student experience and makes BSU a great place to work and learn.


students enrolled at Bridgewater State University


first-generation students


of BSU students are commuters

Bridgewater State University is an inclusive community dedicated to the lifelong success of all students, focused on the continuous improvement of its people, and responsible for leading innovation that benefits Southeastern Massachusetts, the Commonwealth and the world. Bridgewater’s accessible environment of teaching and learning stimulates critical thinking, pursuit of new knowledge, and deeper understanding, the cultivation of meaningful and diverse interpersonal relationships, and fostering an appreciation for global engagement, all aimed at transforming lives and improving the human condition.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is reflected in our institutional values, which ensure that all students are supported and succeed.

Bridgewater State University is equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. Members of underrepresented groups, and those committed to working in a diverse cultural environment, are strongly encouraged to apply.

A crowd of students pose with BSU president Fred Clark at Midnight Madness
A student organizer speaks through a megaphone as students march in a Take Back the Night rally; in the background, a person holds a sign that says, "Consent: Get it. Got It?"

Bridgewater State University is a welcoming, compassionate and intellectually rigorous learning, working and living environment.

The backs of BSU police officers during an event at Boyden Hall

Campus Crime report is published annually in compliance with the Clery Act.

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Did you know that faculty and staff can purchase a meal plan? Learn about the dining options on BSU's campus.

a group of students  dancing at the Welcome Back BBQ

Get to know the clubs, organizations and student community of BSU.

Two photonics students looking over equipment in the lab

Discover BSU's academic opportunities and resources.

A Community of Peace

The Town of Bridgewater’s designation as an International Community of Peace was assisted by committee members from BSU’s Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice and the Minnock Center for Global Engagement, both of which contributed to the application.

Discovering a Rich History

Bridgewater State University faculty members Dr. Emily Donaldson Field of the Department of English and Dr. Jaime Huff of the Department of Criminal Justice have researched people of African American and Indigenous heritage who lived, died and are buried in the Town of Bridgewater. The BSU associate professors have compiled a database of more than 400 people of color who lived in Bridgewater during the 1700s and early 1800s. Their research continues, with the goal of helping the town and university to recognize publicly and visibly our multiracial history and the crucial role of African Americans and Indigenous people within that history.

Citizens for Civil Rights

The Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice at BSU has done several civic engagements with Bridgewater Citizens for Civil Rights, including voter registration, education and a stand-out on the Town Common to promote voting.