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Working at BSU

A Great Place to Learn — and Work!

What makes Bridgewater State University a great place to work? Faculty, librarians and staff share why they love BSU.

Vignon Oussa
Dr. Vignon Oussa // Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Vignon Oussa

First, can you share what you teach as a Mathematics professor?
I teach several courses in the undergraduate math curriculum. Among the long list of courses, I have taught, I often teach Multivariable Calculus and Geometry. These are courses where students learn powerful methods for solving concrete and abstract problems. Students learn to carry out careful and rigorous calculations and make logically sound arguments. When I teach Geometry, I often get students to actively solve problems in class and present them to their peers. This provides students with an opportunity to realize that doing mathematics can be both a solitary as well as a social endeavor.

Why did you want to teach at BSU?
One of the axiomatic beliefs of the scientific endeavor hinges on the assumption that the universe has a discernible structure that can be pinned down and communicated. The language of this structure has a name: Mathematics. I teach because I want everyone to learn this universal language and appreciate its beauty, complexity, and applicability.

What do you like best about being in the classroom?
Helping students surprise themselves by discovering that they can acquire mathematical concepts they may have judged are outside their conceptual reach. I want to guide students in this journey of overcoming old math phobia and getting rid of false assumptions regarding mathematical abilities. This is often challenging because the cultural landscape is unfriendly to mathematics and its practitioners. For instance, people would shy from disclosing their struggles with reading and comprehension but are often surprisingly eager to proclaim the problematic relationship they have developed with the subject of mathematics over the years. I try my best in the classroom to provide an environment where students can reestablish a more positive rapport with a subject that has played an essential role in my personal life.

Dr. Marci J. Swede
[Bridgewater’s] obvious commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, not just in word but in practice, was exceptional and appealed to me. There’s a lot of deep knowledge in this college about what’s happening out in the communities.” Read more »
Dr. Marci J. Swede
Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences
BSU Faculty and Staff Congratulating the Class of 2023
LaCasha Figueroa
LaCasha Figueroa // Student Navigator in the Office of Student Success, Equity and Diversity

LaCasha Figueroa, ’06

Can you explain what your job entails, what are your main responsibilities?
Student Navigators work to close the accessibility and equity gap by collaborating across departments to provide resources, interventions and opportunities to students most in need and most at risk of not persisting.

What do you like best about your job?
Meeting with students and encouraging them to keep moving toward their goals.

What do you like best about working at BSU?
I like working in the Lewis and Gaines Center for Inclusion and Equity. The environment allows me to be my best self and build relationships with students which propels building a block to support student success. Furthermore, being a team member of The Office of Student Success Division allows me to be seen, heard, valued and supported. The work that is being done to support students in this office is moving student persistence to a new level.

Gerald Tang
My true calling is helping people understand their skillsets and interest in what they want to do.” Read more »
Gerald Tang
Executive Director of Career Services and the Internship Program Office
Anthony Tabbi
Anthony Tabbi // Accountant II in the Payroll Office

Anthony Tabbi

What are your main responsibilities as an Accountant II?
My main responsibilities in the payroll office are to ensure that payroll gets processed on-time and accurately for student employees, part-time employees, and adjunct faculty.

Why did you want to apply and work at BSU?
I have always thought that it would be fun to work at a college. I went back to school a little over a year ago and this job aligns with my studies, so I decided that this would be a great place to work. It’s also very close to my home, which I enjoy.

What do you like best about your job?
I love how diverse the university is. My favorite part of my job is probably that I get to talk to students, faculty, staff, each day. Because there are so many types of employees here, it is almost like getting a little sneak peek at what everyone does here at the university.

Kevin Duquette
What I love about my job is it aligns so well with my personal values. Social justice and equity are things that are important to me as a person.” Read more »
Dr. Kevin Duquette
Professor of Counselor Education
Dipti Mehta
Dipti Mehta // Associate Librarian, Head of Research and Instruction at the Maxwell Library

Dipti Mehta

For those who may not know, what are your job responsibilities?
I am a tenure-track Research and Instruction Librarian. I provide user-focused research assistance by teaching library instruction classes, in-person, virtual chat, email, and research consultations for a diverse student, faculty, and community population. I deliver expert one-on-one research consultation to faculty, students, staff, and others emphasizing information literacy and critical thinking skills.

I am a liaison librarian to Anthropology, Communication Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, African Studies and Middle East Studies. As a liaison, I promote online and print resources, build collections based on the courses within the subject discipline and connect faculty and students to the information they seek while fostering learning and research. Building collaborative relationships and developing programming with campus partners for students through innovative programs and creating activities.

What do you like best about your job?
The most rewarding aspect of my job is the connections that I build with faculty and students as a result of assisting them with their research, scholarship, and teaching classes. As a librarian, it is important for me to build lasting partnerships with faculty to continuously provide research and instruction that improves students’ information literacy and critical thinking skills.

What do you like best about working at Bridgewater State?
The best part about working at Bridgewater State University is the diversity and inclusion that is represented in the student, faculty and staff population. Also, to know that you can call some BSU faculty and students your family.

Matt Bell holding a copy of the book The Boys in the Band
It’s important for students at Bridgewater to see that being a working scholar isn’t something that happens in outer space, it’s not that far removed from their world.” Read more »
Dr. Matt Bell
Professor of English
Shannon Boulanger
Shannon Boulanger // Assistant Director of Admission Operations and Communications in the Office of Undergraduate Admission

Shannon Boulanger, ’09, G’23

What are your major responsibilities in your new position?
I oversee the campus visitation program, which provides daily tours, group visits, information sessions and assists in the big admissions events such as Admitted Student Days and Fall Preview Days as well as supervise the student tour guides.

I work directly with the director of admissions assisting with communications, and social media pieces that provide direct outreach to potential students and family members and collaborate with other campus partners, especially marketing.

What do you like best about your job?
My favorite part about my job is being able to interact with students. I have always enjoyed the student development piece of being a supervisor. I would say a close second would be my involvement with the bigger admissions programs we host as I enjoy interacting with potential students and family members and assisting with any questions or concerns, they may have.

What do you like best about working at BSU?
My favorite thing about working at BSU is the community. I have met some great people here and no matter the title everyone is here to ensure our students feel supported and succeed. I also enjoy working with our diverse student body, every student comes with a story, and it’s been fascinating to get to know them and to watch them grow. Finally, I enjoy the campus itself, it is beautiful no matter the season.