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Designed by BSU IT with commuter students in mind, our SmartParking module within the BSU Mobile app shows where parking is available on-campus so you can get your car parked and get to class without needlessly driving around in search of an available space. You can also get turn-by-turn directions to a selected lot using your smartphone's GPS navigation.

How does it work?

BSU parking stickets have embedded RFID chips that tell our sensors when cars enter and leave SmartParking-enabled parking lots. These readings are transmitted to the app which will display space availability as green (high), yellow (medium), or red (low/limited). Only entrance/exit data is obtained by the sensors; no personal or vehicle information is captured or stored with SmartParking.

Please drive carefully and observe all applicable laws regarding cell phone use while driving. We recommend using a hands-free attachment in your car while navigating.


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Information Technology at BSU

Experience IT

BSU offers a high speed, secure wireless network with full campus coverage. We offer wireless WEPA printing and scanning services at various sites on campus. For students living on campus, ResNet offers an enviable technology package including Xfinity on demand content, premium cable TV, and wireless gaming. For commuters, our mobile app includes a smart parking feature to indicates parking lot availability and our bus tracker indicates the current position of shuttles.
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