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Academic Support & Student Services

Academic Support refers to campus resources available to you, to help you succeed in your courses.  


Academic Support Resources

Student Technology

With the shift to online learning, Bridgewater State University has the tools to support students—both on campus and off.

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center provides BSU's diverse student population with the foundation to achieve academic success. The AAC is a welcoming environment that delivers comprehensive student-centered services, empowering those we serve to explore and develop academic, personal, and self-advocacy skills.

Student Accessibility Services

BSU is committed to ensuring all individuals have equal access to its programs and services. The university offers a number of services to students who have a documented medical condition, are physically challenged, or have psychological or learning disabilities.

If you think you may have a learning disability or wish to request support services, please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in the Academic Achievement Center, Maxwell Library (508) 531-2194.

You can still receive services even after the semester has begun. If your request is approved, then SAS will notify the instructor of any necessary accommodations. Instructors, IT, or necessary staff will assist in providing the required accommodations.

SAS will not reveal to me the nature of nor any specifics about your disability.

Learning Assistance, Academic Coaching, and Tutoring

Learning Assistance is an umbrella term for tutoring and Academic Coaching. Both services are considered "learning assistance" services, as they work with you to help you become a strong student.

Library Services for Distance Learners 

As BSU students, off-campus learners have access to library materials, both print and online, and services including Circulation, Reference, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services, and more. Off-campus students may conduct research by using the databases on the library's website.

Academic Integrity Policy and Student Community Standards  

Academic integrity refers to BSU’s policies against plagiarism and properly citing sources. Institutions of higher education are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and truth. In this pursuit, academic honesty is of fundamental importance.  

Student Community Standards conduct refers to appropriate behavior both on and off campus. The Office of Community Standards supports the development of a thriving learning environment by helping students learn the value of their rights and to realize the importance of their responsibility as members of the campus community, and in all communities of which they are a part.  

Belongingness and Wellness Resources

The below campus resources are available to all students to support wellness, student engagement, and to connect you to co-curricular involvement opportunities.

The Wellness Center

Along with balancing your classes, job, and personal life, our mental health can become impacted in ways that can feel overwhelming.  The ongoing global crises (health, financial, and otherwise) have put excessive stressors on us that make it difficult to maintain the quality of life we all deserve.  Now, more than ever, we need to look after our health, not only because of the pandemic threat, but because prolonged periods of stress can lead to changes in physical and mental well-being.  

The Wellness Center provides same-day acute and primary care services to all registered students through their Health Services. Regardless of your insurance plan, the Wellness Center provides a variety of services ranging from sick visits, gynecological health, laboratory testing, physicals and much more.  

The Wellness Center also offers Counseling Services  to enhance students' emotional, social and intellectual development. They provide preventative mental health outreach programs for all of the university in the belief that concerns can be addressed before they become a problem for the individual or the community.  

Lived Use, Name Pronunciation, Gender Identity, & Pronouns 

If you have a lived name, gender identity, and/or pronouns that you would like to share with your instructor/s and/or classmates, you can update your information directly in InfoBear.  

Consider letting your instructor know whether to use your legal name or lived name when one-on-one vs when in class, if different. You can also share your pronouns and inform people about how to pronounce your name by sharing the phonetic spelling of your name in an email or other correspondence with instructors or students.  

Student Life 

Learn more about all the engagement opportunities BSU has to offer, such as Spirit & Traditions, Diversity and Social Justice, and Commuter Life to name just a few. 

Discrimination and Harassment 

Equity and inclusion of our students is a priority at BSU. If you feel that you are being discriminated against or harassed based on a legally protected category to which you belong (i.e., race, color, religion, national origin, persons of color, age, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital/parental status, and veteran status) please reach out to the Director of Equal Opportunity/Title IX Coordinator by calling the Office of Equal Opportunity at 508-531-2744 or emailing, or fill out the Equal Opportunity/Title IX Report Form. Learn more about the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Title IX Coordinator


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