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Faculty Grants

Social Justice Grants Awarded, Spring 2020

Influence of the Model Minority Stereotype in the Diagnostic Accuracy of Alcohol Use Disorder in Asian Americans
Alice Cheng (Psychology) will use a Research Grant to investigate the influence of the model minority stereotype in the diagnostic accuracy of alcohol use disorder in Asian Americans among licensed clinicians.

Social Justice Books for Elementary Readers
Marlene Correia (Elementary and Early Childhood Education) will use a Resource Acquisition Grant to purchase social justice books for teacher candidate students at Bridgewater State University to use with elementary readers in local schools.

Adding Social Justice Framework to Anthropology of Education Course
Diana Fox (Anthropology) will use a Teaching Grant to reconfigure ANTH 304, Anthropology of Education, to be a 200-level course with social justice frameworks.

“Unconscious Bias in Schools” Books for Faculty Reading Group
Laura Gross (Mathematics) and Castagna Lacet (Social Work) will use a Resource Acquisition Grant to purchase copies of “Unconscious Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Exploring Race and Racism” for a faculty reading group via the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), which will be co-sponsored by the Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice.

Literature Review of Psychology Interventions to Improve Outcomes for First-Generation College Students
Ashley Hansen-Brown (Psychology) will use a Research Grant to write a literature review of existing research on interventions to improve outcomes for first-generation college students and collaborate with existing offices at BSU serving this population to explore how research interventions informed by the literature review might be used at BSU to improve retention for our students.

Redesigning Global Human Issues Course for the Proposed BSU Living and Learning Community “It Takes a Village”
Joshua Irizarry (Anthropology) will use a Teaching Grant to redesign of ANTH 204, Global Human Issues, to be taught as a part of the proposed BSU Living and Learning Community, “It Takes a Village.”

Bringing a Social Justice Perspective to Virology Course Relating to HIV, SARS, Ebola, and Coronavirus
Boriana Marintcheva (Biology) will use a Teaching Grant to create materials for BIOL 450, Virology, which will guide students to examine HIV, SARS, Ebola and current Coronavirus outbreaks from the perspective of social justice taking into account that human health is a function of our physical, mental and social wellbeing of each individual.

Completing a Book Proposal
Michele Meek (Communication Studies) will use a Research Grant to complete her book proposal, “Juggling Wolves: Sexual Consent in Film and Media.”

Books to Support Research on Social Equity
Seth Meyer (Political Science) will use a Resource Acquisition Grant to purchase two books to support his current and future research on social equity in public administration, including a specific project on sexuality and social justice in Africa.

Conducting Research on a Social Justice Paradigm Shift in Social Work Education and Practice
Jibril Solomon (Social Work) will use a Research Grant to fund “Social Justice Knowledge and Application: A Paradigm Shift in Social Work Education and Practice,” his research project that will explore how knowledge and application of social justice in social work have shifted over the past 25 years, and the potential implications for social work education, training, and practice.

Adding Social Justice Framework to Abnormal Psychology Course
Caroline Stanley (Psychology) will use a Teaching Grant to re-develop her Abnormal Psychology course to include a social justice framework.