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Our Faculty - English


Dr. Ann Brunjes headshot photo

Dr. Ann Brunjes

Professor and Chairperson of English
Halina Adams

Dr. Halina Adams

Assistant Professor of English
Joyce Rain Anderson

Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson

Professor of English; Coordinator of Ethnic and Indigenous Studies
Aragon, Alba_0.jpg

Dr. Alba Aragón

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature; Coordinator of Women's and Gender Studies
Dr. Heidi Bean

Dr. Heidi Bean

Associate Professor of English; Acting Chairperson of Theatre
Dr. Matt Bell headshot photo

Dr. Matt Bell

Associate Professor of English; Film Studies Coordinator
Ben Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Professor of English
Dr. Kimberly Chabot Davis headshot photo

Dr. Kimberly Chabot Davis

Professor of English; Graduate Coordinator
Dr. James Crowley headshot photo

Dr. James Crowley

Professor of English
Emily Field

Dr. Emily Donaldson Field

Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of African American Studies
Dr. Ann Doyle headshot photo

Dr. Anne Doyle

Professor of English

Dr. Kathryn Evans

Professor of English; Director of Writing Studio
Allyson Ferrante

Dr. Allyson Ferrante

Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Maria Hegbloom headshot photo

Dr. Maria Hegbloom

Associate Professor of English; MSCA Statewide Vice President
Kevin Kalish

Dr. Kevin Kalish

Associate Professor of English

Dr. John Kucich

Professor of English; Coordinator of the Center for Sustainability
Dr. Lisa Litterio headshot photo

Dr. Lisa Litterio

Associate Professor of English; Internship Coordinator
Dr. Bruce Machart headshot photo

Dr. Bruce Machart

Associate Professor of English; Director of Honors Program

John Mulrooney

Professor of English
Ellen Scheible

Dr. Ellen Scheible

Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of Irish Studies; Commonwealth Honors Faculty Fellow
Dr. Lee Torda headshot photo

Dr. Lee Torda

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Elizabeth Veisz

Associate Professor of English


black and white photo of Lori LeComte and her dog

Lori A. LeComte

Administrative Assistant I